Communion Meditation 8/3/2014

Today I want to talk a little bit about the idea of fearlessness. What does it mean to be truly fearless? When I first pondered the question, being a tough guy was the first thing that came to mind. When I made the move to Indiana Wesleyan last summer, the coaches challenged/sought to teach us what exactly that meant. They introduced us to the book of Timothy. In the first chapter it talks about what kind of spirit God has graced us with. 2 Timothy 1:7 says that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and self-control. We took this motto with us everywhere that we went. From Luckey Arena in Marion, to a cruise ship out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we truly tried to live this fearless lifestyle out in everything that we did.

 Looking back now, I realize that I learned much more about myself living in that manner. I learned that being fearless meant much more than just being a tough guy. Being fearless is openly sharing your faith with someone who may be lost in life, it’s not being afraid to put yourself out there for the sake of furthering his kingdom, who cares if you get embarrassed a time or two! It means putting complete trust in God when making life-changing decisions. I grappled with this one for months when deciding to end my basketball career. I thought of it this way, the only time that we can be truly fearless, is when we put complete trust in God, and that no matter what the outcome, we know that it is that way because it is supposed to be. We worship a sovereign God.

 All of life’s greatest rewards come when we are fearless. We are called by God to be fearless, just as Jesus was when he was nailed to the cross all those years ago. Although he may have been scared as to what he was about to go through, he still fearlessly did what he had to do, for us. As you wind down on this beautiful Sunday, take some time to pray in remembrance of what he did for us. Reflect on the fearlessness of Jesus.

 Happy Sunday


Coaching Legend Calls It Quits

Today one of the best coaches/basketball minds I’ve ever known decided to hang it up. My dad, Dave Mahurin, stepped down as the head boys basketball coach at Rockville High School. To be honest, this came as a complete shock to me. There for awhile he acted as if he was excited for the challenge his team faced for this upcoming year. I guess he decided that he needed some time to relax for once! This past year was my Dad’s 24th year overall and his 11th year at the helm of the Rox. There isn’t really anything that I can say in this post that can describe how important he was to so many people throughout those years. All of the guys that I played with not only viewed him as coach, but as a second dad as well. He wasn’t only considered with wins and losses, he was concerned with forming a tight-knit relationship with his guys. I can honestly say that I began in his program a boy, and came out a man. My time on his team was something special that I will never forget.

Coach Mahurin

Old School!

Coach Mahurin got his first varsity coaching job during the 1993-1994 season at Adams Central High School. Adams Central is a very small little school located just south of Fort Wayne. In his two years there he went 24-20 while at the same time taking home a sectional championship. I wish I could remember those days! After two years at Adams Central, our family packed up and moved south to Terre Haute, Indiana. Dad took a coaching job at South Vermillion High School. During his time there, he racked up a total of 65 wins. At SV, dad coached some of the better players that I remember watching as a kid. He coached guys like Dana Scifres and Jake Webber, personal idols for me at that age. As a kid I remember not being able to wait to play for him at South Vermillion. I loved it there. I can remember going to every game with my mom not being able to sit still. So when he came home and told us that we were moving to Rockville, needless to say I was very upset.

Coach Mahurin

Listen Up

Little did I know at the time that he would become one of, if not the greatest coach in Rockville history. Dad was able to accomplish feats that no other coach had even ever come close to. In eleven years, he won 165 games. He also attained 5 sectional championships; putting his total count at six. He also won the schools first regional and semi-state titles. His most important feat though was reaching the 1A State Finals. Although the Rox were defeated in a great game, what it did for the community was remarkable. I have never seen a town rally around a team as it did that year. I am proud that both my father and brother played such an integral part of that run. It is truly amazing what they were able to accomplish. They always rub it in my face when I am home, and rightly so!

Coach Mahurin

Semi-State Champs

I am so proud of what my dad was able to accomplish during his years as head coach. If I could go back in time, I would in a heartbeat. As I said before, his program turned boys into men. That is exactly what he did for me and countless others. There were many times that outsiders attempted to tarnish what he has done in his time as head coach, but I am delighted to say that they were just not able to do it. The legacy that he has built at Rockville High School will last forever, like it or not. No one can deny the winning tradition that he left behind. I personally believe that no one will ever be able to fill these shoes. While I am sad that I won’t be able to make my usual Friday night jaunt down to the Rock-a-dome to watch him coach, I know that he will be much happier with some time to relax. He will now be able to come watch my brother and I play at Indiana Wesleyan. He will also have time to see my sister play as she begins her career at Lincoln Trail. I guess he was just at a point where you have to step back and think about yourself for once. I commend him for doing so, and I couldn’t be more proud to call him Dad. Lastly, I want to say Congratulations on an amazing career and I wish him luck in whatever he decides to do next!

Here is a list of some of his accomplishments:

  • 6 Sectional Championships
  • 2 Regional Championships
  • 1 Semi-State Championship
  • State Finals Runner-Up
  • 290-222 All-Time Record
  • Wabash Valley Classic Championship 2012
  • Region-Roundball Championship
  • 165-80 Rockville All-Time Record
  • 11 Winning Seasons
Coach Mahurin

Coaching Again!


As many of you know, our basketball team at Indiana Wesleyan is headed to Auckland, New Zealand in about a week. I have decided to start this blog to help everyone at home keep up with what is going on! Not only is this a basketball trip, but it is a mission trip as well. Feel free to follow along as we continue to spread the idea of being #fearless to the other side of the world!